Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Challenge

I love having a goal. I love being determined, driven and I especially love a challenge. This brings me to my newest one: Operation Paris.

My husband knows how much I love the French language. He told me last night that I take pride in it, even try to correct him when he mis-pronounces the words. I actually took French in high school but that was a long time ago & I remember very little of it. So, my husband proposed a deal: I learn French and he will take me to Paris. Not bad, huh?

So, this is my new goal, to learn French. I'm going to look into language software. I'm pretty computer-savvy so I think that will be right up my alley.

Here is what I think of when I think of Paris. A lovely cafe, a newspaper and coffee. Wish me luck!

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Heide said...

Oh.....I just loved Paris! My husband and I went on our honeymoon. Oh how I would love to go again...

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhhh I have to say Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited - exquisite in it's own right and truly stands out from many our European visits. But yes, learn French first, lol .... I highly recommend knowing SOME of the language! LOL!

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